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    About us:

       Our company is a professional manufacturer and saler of  PTFE and silicone rubber fiberglass products . PTFE series products are widely used in various fields such as aviation, aerospace, automotive, electronics, electrical appliances, high temperature insulation, food packaging, plastic products, paper-making, printing and dyeing, clothing, chemical corrosion and other fields. The company provides more classic products and the new materials in the market for everyone who needs. With the fiber yarn weaving, impregnation processing, specific process conditions, sophisticated equipment and fine processing technology, our company provides numerous customers with high quality products and services.

    Main products:

      PTFE tapes, PTFE mesh conveyor belt series,PTFE mesh belt,PTFE conveyor belt, PTFE high temperature resistant glass fiber cloth, PTFE net, Silicone fireproof cloth, Silicon adhesive tape, Silicon fiberglass fabrics, PTFE baking sheet, Seamless fusing machine belt, PTFE building membrane material, PTFE film, FEP film(F46) ,High strength aramid thread ,Belt cleaning powder for press lining machine etc.