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    Non-seam garment press Liner (gluing machine) belt

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    Non-seam garment press Liner (gluing machine) belt The high strength fiberglass yarn is woven into the cylindrical fabric by the circular weaving equipment and is made of Teflon resin (PTFE) by a unique technology. Thoroughly overcome the previous conveyor belt interface connection, laminated pressure connection, hot-pressing connection, such as the connection between the break, the connection beat, the junction circumference and so on, resulting in poor stability, running and so on.

    PTFE Resin Seamless fiber conveyor belt life expectancy than any of the connection of Teflon fiber conveyor belt longer than 5 times times.

    Belt for gluing machine is impregnated PTFE glass cloth as the basic materials, with the company's unique method of processing into banded products. This strip has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, adhesion and so on, and has a unique technology in the joint method, so, do not damage the fiber, durability is good, widely used in the pressure-ironing bonding interlining device.

    Mainly used in belt-type clothing bonding machine.

    Main Features: 1, anti-static treatment 2, good heat resistance 3, good resistance to 4, good walking stability 5, good durability 6, easy to repair Specification (mm): Nominal thickness (0.220/0.245/0.280/0.385) Width (400-1200) perimeter (1540-3545)