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    PTFE mesh conveyor Belt

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    PTFE mesh belt for its excellent performance, it is widely used in papermaking, food, environmental protection, printing and dyeing, clothing, chemicals, glass, medicine, electronics, insulation, grinding wheel slicing, machinery and other fields.


    Performance Features:

    1, for Low-temperature-70 ℃, High-temperature 300 ℃ between, with weather resistance, anti-aging;

    2, not easy to adhere to any material, easy to clean the attached surface of a variety of grease, stains or other attachments;

    3, resistance to chemical corrosion, strong acid, strong alkali, aqua regia and various organic solvents corrosion;

    4, the dimensional stability is good, the strength is high, has the good mechanical characteristic;

    5, flexural fatigue can be used for smaller wheel diameter;

    6, resistance to pharmaceutical, non-toxic, almost all pharmaceutical products can be resistant;

    7, fire retardant; 8, has the good air permeability, reduces the heat consumption, enhances the drying efficiency.


    Application: Printing drying, bleaching and dyeing cloth drying, shrinkage and drying fabric, non-woven drying, such as baking road, baking room conveyor belt, pine dryer, offset Press, UV series of light curing machine, paper over oil drying, ultraviolet drying, plastic products such as silk screen drying oven, dryer conveyor belt, high-frequency drying, microwave drying, all kinds of food freezing and thawing, baking

    , packaging products, heat shrinkage, general moisture content drying, melting ink drying, such as the Fast Dry Room guide.

    Where the need for hot airflow occasions and heat transfer conditions, are suitable for the use of PTFE mesh conveyor belt.

    Mesh specification: 1mm*0.5mm 1mm*1mm 2mm*2.5mm 4mm*4mm 10mm*10mm Color: Coffee (brown), black, white, etc.