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    PTFE High temperature cloth

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    PTFE high-temperature cloth main Features: 1. Adhesion resistance, easy to clean.

    Easy to clean all kinds of oil stains, stains or other attachments attached to its surface, paste, resin, paint and so on almost all sticky substances can be simply removed.

    2. Very low coefficient of friction (0.05-0.1) is the best choice for oil free self-lubricating 3. Excellent temperature resistance, can be used for a long time in the temperature range of -170℃~+260 degrees Celsius.

    After practical application, such as in 250 ℃ high temperature in a row for 200 days, not only the strength will not be lower, and the weight is not reduced, at 380 ℃ high temperature placed 120 hours, weight only reduced by about 0.6%, -180℃ ultra-low temperature will not produce cracks, and maintain the original softness.

    4. Safe and non-toxic, suitable for food production

    5. Resistance to corrosion of almost all chemical substances

    6. Good dimensional stability and strong tensile strength, with good mechanical properties.

    7. Has the good flexibility, the folding resistance 8. Microwave resistance, high frequency, anti-violet, infrared


    PTFE high-temperature cloth application Range:

    1. Anti-sticking lining, gasket, Montboux and conveyor belt  

    2. Plastic products welding, welding and sealing fabric, plastic film, film, Hot sealing and pressure strip lining.

    3. Electrical insulation with base, spacer, gasket, lining ring.  

    4. Microwave gaskets, oven slices, food drying, 5. Adhesive tape, transfer printing hot tablecloth, carpet back curing conveyor belt, rubber vulcanization conveyor belt.  

    5. The top of the various sports venues, the station Pavilion, Parasol, landscape Peng and so on.  

    6. Flexible compensator, friction material, grinding wheel slice. 8. Special processing can be produced "anti-static cloth."