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    PTFE Baking plate Mat

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    PTFE oven piece also known as Teflon oven film, PTFE oven piece, Teflon oven piece, PTFE oven slice, microwave gasket, baking disc gasket, heat insulating paper, oven film, etc., is the choice of high-quality imported fiberglass yarn for weaving materials, plain weave or special weaving into the advanced fiberglass cloth substrate. The use of unique technology, fully soaked, impregnated, coated imported suspension PTFE (commonly known as plastic king) emulsion as raw materials, the production of various specifications Teflon oven film, is a high-performance, multi-purpose composite products.


    The main characteristics of Teflon oven slice: 1. The resistance is particularly good, the surface is smooth, not easy to adhere to any material.

    It is easy to clean all kinds of oil stains, stains or other attachments attached to its surface, and can be used repeatedly. 2. To prevent oil spills in the baking process overflow to the bottom of the oven stack.

    Size can be cut according to the oven.

    3. High temperature range, conventional temperature-70-260 ℃, up to 400 ℃ 4. Safe to use in dishwasher, non-toxic, safe to contact with food, and anti-corrosion function.


    The main application of Teflon oven slice:

    First, for food heating:

    1. Use scissors to cut the baking disc into the desired size and shape.

    2. Put on top of pan, plate or other container. 

    3. Put food on the baking platter.

    4. After the food baked, wait for cooling out of the baking disc, wash with washing water.

    5. Baking platters can be used repeatedly.

    Second, used as oven gasket:

    1. Electric oven: Placed on the bottom of the oven or the underside of the grill.

    2. Steam oven: In the bottom of the drying rack, can not be directly placed on the base.

    3. As a pretreatment surface, the application of its anti adhesive characteristics can be used to process dough working face table.

    Main specifications:

    1, xj008a,0.08mm brown, black baking platter

    2, xj013a,0.13mm brown, black baking platter

    3, xj008b,0.08mm high grade black silver powder baking platter

    4, xj013b,0.13mm high grade black silver powder baking platter 5, grid baking platters: such as 1*1 mm grid, 2*2, 4*4, 10*10, etc.