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    PTFE baking sheet

    PTFE baking sheet

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    Food baking sheet

    1.    used high quality PTFE coated glass fiber cloth , it has excellent anti-adhesive and easily to remove surface grease and stains. So it can be used repeatedly.
    2.    to prevent the oil from flowing to the bottom of the oven stack in the backing process. Size can be cut in accordance with the oven.
    3.     high temperature range, conventional temperature resistant -260 -70 C, up to 380
    4.    It can be safely used in the dishwasher , non-toxic, safe contact with food, and  it also has anti-corrosion function.


    1 for food heating:

    1) use the scissors to cut the grill into the desired size and shape.

    2) placed in pot, plate or other containers

    3) put the food on the grill.

    4) food cooked, such as cooling out the grill, washing it with water.

    5) baking sheet can be used repeatedly

    2 used as an oven gasket:

    Electric grill oven --- put in the oven bottom.

    Steam oven - on the bottom of the drying rack, can not be directly placed on the bottom.

    As a pretreatment surface, it can be used to process the working surface of dough.