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    PTFE building membrane material


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    PTFE film material is coated on the superfine glass fiber fabric with PTFE resin material. This film has good welding performance, has excellent anti UV, anti aging properties and flame retardant properties. In addition, its anti fouling property is the best of all building membrane material, but the flexibility is poor, the construction is more difficult, the cost is also very amazing. In under the leadership of the company, Geiger, the DuPont company, Kang Ning glass company, Baird construction company, chemical fiber weaving company to jointly develop permanent membrane material. The processing method is the fiberglass fabric quickly and repeatedly into the Teflon melt, the fabric on both sides have uniform Teflon coated, the permanent PTFE membrane was officially born. Since then, the permanent membrane structure has been popular in the United States, and many scholars have made a deep research on the structure of the membrane. 20 years after track detection results show that, the membrane material mechanical properties and chemical stability index fell by only 20% to 30%, color is almost not changed, membrane surface smooth, with elastic, atmospheric dust, chemical particles extremely difficult to attachment and penetration, the rain washed architectural membrane can restore its original clean surface layer and transparent of, it is enough to show the strong vitality of PTFE membrane materials and broad market prospect. Current development and application of foreign on the membrane material is relatively mature, production manufacturers have many, like company of German company Mehler, Verseidag, Japanese Taiyoko-gyo company, Zhongxing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., American Chemfab company, Saudi Arabia ObeiKan company, China Weiwei High-Technologies company etc..

    PTFE building membrane material is the biggest characteristics: light weight, high strength, fire difficult to burn, good self cleaning, not affected by ultraviolet radiation, anti fatigue, resistance to distortion, aging, long service life. With high light transmittance, little heat absorption. It is precisely because of this cross era of membrane materials, the invention of the membrane structure of the building into a modern permanent building.

    Building membrane materials are widely used in large public facilities: the stadium roof system, the airport hall, exhibition center, platform, landscape pavilion, etc..